As a lifelong resident of Orange County and whose family has lived in Hillsborough for over two centuries, Matt is deeply invested in our community and has nearly a decade and a half of public service experience.

For nearly six years, he has served on the Hillsborough Town Board and was elected by his colleagues to serve as Mayor Pro-Tem for the 2021-2023 biennium. During his time in office Matt has been an advocate for our environment, local businesses, and affordable housing. This year he is running for a second full-term after being appointed to a vacancy in 2018 and winning a full-term in 2019. He is presently the youngest

member of the Board, the only African-American, first out LGBTQ+ member, and the only member who rents their home.

When not serving on the Hillsborough Town Commission, Matt dedicates his time to many worthy causes, including as President of the Orange County Partnership for Young Children, President of the Northern Orange NAACP, Chair of the Hillsborough Tourism Board, and Chair of the Kidscope Advisory Council. Recently, Matt was appointed by Governor Roy Cooper to the Governor's Crime Commission's Juvenile Justice Planning Committee. Matt is also a member of the Democratic National Committee and former chair of the Orange County Democratic Party.

Professionally Matt has worked for state government and nonprofits. Currently, he is the Chief Financial Officer of a progressive nonprofit network dedicated to building an anti-racist, inclusive democracy here in North Carolina. A first generation college student, he holds a BA in political science and a Masters in public administration, both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.